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This vessel has become our most popular urn shape! The Ebro urn was derived from our Luna. We were asked by landscape architects to extend the height of our namesake, but to keep the diameter the same. All five sizes have a wide top suitable for planting

The Small Ebro is the most narrow of the Ebro vessels

H:  26"  W:  19"

Base Price: $1,400

The Medium Ebro is our classic size

H:  33"  W:  24"

Base Price: $1,900


The Large Ebro begins to reach beyond human scale, and is quite a presence in any garden or landscape.

H:  38"  W:  28"

Base Price: $2,300


The Extra Large Ebro is larger than life and a very commanding character.

H:  48"  W:  35"

Base Price: $5,100

The Simply Enormous Ebro is suitable for public installations.

H:  60"  W:  44"

Base Price: $7,100

The Ebro is available both banded and faceted in all sizes.




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