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The Umbria urn is a small-mouthed, 'canopus', or top-shaped vessel that is infrequently planted. It has a high shoulder and single outward curve in the side profile.

Height: 33"

Width: 25"

Opening: 7"

Foot: 13"

Weight: 250 Pounds

Base Price: $1,900

The Small Umbria urn is a directly scaled-down version of our original, 33" tall Umbria. Slightly more stout than the Mira urn, it has a solid, strong presence in the landscape.

The Small Umbria has a fairly restricted opening and is not usually planted.

Height: 26"

Width: 18"

Opening: 6"

Foot: 9"

Weight: 140 Pounds

Base Price: $1,400




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